Platform of Integrative Chemical Biology of Strasbourg


Starting from biological targets (cells, proteins, nucleic acids, ...), the Platform of Integrative Chemical Biology is able to set up specific high throughput screening in accordance with the associated composed problem and then to making out at high throughput its chemical  and/or natural libraries or the molecules furnished in respect to Quality Management System (ISO 9001 and NF X50-900).

High Throughput Screening

  • Automated High Throughput screening
  • > 10 000 measurements per day (fluorescence, anisotropy, HTRF, FRET, luminescence, BRET, absorbance)
  • Development of pharmacological tests
  • In vitro molecular tests (ligand - receptor, enzymatic tests...)
  • Cellular tests on bacteria or eucaryotic cells (liberation of soluble factors, cytokines, cellular survey, apoptosis, toxicity...)
  • Provision of devices (microplate readers, liquid handlers...)

Biological Targets Libraries

  • Development of pharmacological tests
  • Validation of therapeutic targets (GPCRs, kinases, etc.)
  • Cloning, expression and protein production
  • Provision of tissue culture room with devices

Chemical/Natural Libraries

  • A collection of more than 6000 molecules (chemicals or naturals)
  • A access to more than 50 000 compounds (French Chemicall library)
  • Database management (MDL ISIS/Base)

update : 07.11.2018