The study and the characterization of the pharmacological activity of drug candidates of animals is often hampered by its late highlighting of a toxicity. This toxicity can be linked to the primary and secondary activity of the compound, the product of degradation, but also at its preparation. Our experience highlights that the quality of the drug candidate (composed of a synthesis or a purified extract) and other preparation are very variable and put often problems during the development of new therapies.

We recommend a fast evaluation of the preclinical safety of the pharmacological products which are in development in order to save time and money. The following steps can consequently identify unwanted effects linked to the administration of pharmacological products, which can be used in expensive animal models.

To prevent problems, the safety of the pharmacological products is evaluated with a pharmacokinetic study which needs to adapt to the specific animals. The evaluation made by a unique administration can show a sharp intoxication, while a repeated administration on multiple day can bring to light the poisoning and alteration of the biological functions. The amount of safety verification of a pharmacological product consists the most to determine the maximal dose tolerated by its preparation.


Dose, formulation and routes of administration of the drug candidateAccording to the conditions defined in contract with the client
SamplingsFor chronical studies 
Type d'analysis

According to the request (clinical signs, weight of animals and organs, NFS, biological analyses, histopathology study, ...)

ReplicatDepending on the analysis (2 to 8)


Exemple of data


The time spent on the study, the samplings and the anlylisis can be personalized.

The route of administration, the formulation and the information you give us is going to influence the safety assessment that we do.

The experimental procedure are created to grant the animals welfare and reduce at the maximum the stress and suffering. We always watch the animals and often check their mental and sanitarian helf. Any kind of problem that would be against the respected protocol puts an immediate end at the procedure.