Measuring the activity of a drug candidate may require exploring mediator release in fluids and tissues, studying molecular pathways, and gene expression in cells or tissues. We put our techniques and our skills at the service of the realization of your project.

Complete blood count

The complete blood count is traditionally used to measure the effect of a candidate drug on hematopoiesis or the recruitment of inflammatory cells into the blood.


Cytokines and chemokines (mouse, human, rat) can be measured on different samples like plasma/serum, bronchoalveolar lavage and tissue homogenate using antibodies and commercial standards in standardized and automated procedures in 96 or 384 wells). This allows us to offer our customers to measure the protein of interest in their sample at the price of a commercial kit.

Enzymatic and colorimetric tests

Various colorimetric and enzymatic tests have been developed and standardized to measure total protein concentrations, mucus, collagen, LDH, MPO...


The expression of mRNAs can be measured on the samples by RT-qPCR after extraction and purification according to a standardized procedure including numerous control steps (quantification by two methods: spectrophotometry and fluorometry, quality validation and absence of residual genomic cDNA ) and finalized by TaqMan® real-time PCR (3 probes for the same gene). The expression at the genes of interest is normalized with respect to the expression of household genes.


Relative protein expression or phosphorylation can be measured by chemiluminescence or fluorescence detection. Procedures are optimized and standardized using Snapshot technology (Millipore).

PCBIS and you

All tests can be developed on demand.