Chemical libraries - Medicinal chemistry

Chemical library of synthetic molecules or natural substances

Within the Faculty of Pharmacy of Strasbourg, a close collaboration between chemists and biologists has existed for over 30 years. Since 1997, in order to enhance these exchanges and to extend them to the Strasbourg Alsace-Lorraine-Genopole® scientific cluster and to the national and international scientific community, these researchers have built up a collection of molecules (chemical products or natural substances) from their laboratories. After referencing in an industrial-standard relational database, the molecules were stored in a standardized manner in 96-well plates in order to use them for automated screening tests. The selected and plated products (at a concentration of about 10 mM in DMSO) are free of rights and their synthesis methods are known. This chemical library is available to academic laboratories wishing to perform screening.

Services to the Chemistry Community

Chemical libraries for high throughput screening
Medicinal chemistry

The chemists of PCBIS and the Laboratoire d'Innovation Thérapeutique offer their skills to :

  •     collecting, sorting, integrating chemical structures in a database,
  •     weighing, robotic or manual packaging in microtube plates (mother plates),
  •     preparation of dilutions, reformatting (daughter plates),
  •     Host and manage the client's chemical library,
  •     perform structure-activity relationships post-screening,
  •     purify if necessary,
  •     design and synthesize analogues to improve their pharmacological profiles, ADME-Tox...


The activity of the service is carried out according to the quality rules set up in the laboratory (ISO 9001 et NF X50-900)