Microfluidics department

The microfluidic department aims at the miniaturization of screening tests in PDMS microfluidic chips in order to reduce the amount of reagents and cells used, as well as to increase the speed of analysis (ultra-high throughput screening). This is done, in particular, to offer new tests using small samples, such as patient cells. We are also working on reducing animal testing through the development of microfluidic devices such as organs-on-a-chip.


The Microfluidics Department has all the necessary equipment for the manufacturing of microfluidic chips and their analysis.


  • Controlled environment room dedicated to the manufacturing of PDMS microfluidic chips
  • Bio-Pure microbiological safety station with  activated carbon filter (ADS Laminaire)
  • Natural convection universal oven UN30 (Memmert)
  • Zepto W6 plasma system (Diener)

Microfluidics station

  • Eclipse Ti inverted microscope (Nikon)
  • Fastcam SA3 high-speed camera (Photron)
  • 473 nm and 532 nm lasers (CNI et SDL)
  • Acquisition system (NI)
  • PHD 2000 syringe pumps (Harvard Apparatus)

Advice and training

The department advises, trains and supervises users in the design, production and use of microfluidic chips adapted to their needs.