Screening Department

The Screening Department has the expertise to develop various functional biological tests or molecular interaction tests. These tests are used to perform high throughput screening assays aimed at identifying bioactive molecules. The developed biological models allow us to propose a wide range of assays including binding assays, enzymatic or cellular assays, cell survival, toxicity, release of soluble factors...
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The skills of this service are proposed to academic laboratories as well as to start-ups or industries wishing to do screening. The cost evaluation of a screening is done on a case-by-case basis as a service.

The equipment of the Screening Department is also available to external users after training.


The Screening Department has all the necessary equipment for conducting and automating screening assays: :

Pipetting robots

  • 2 BIOMEK® FXP (96-384) liquid handlers (Beckman)
  • 1 BIOMEK® NXP liquid handler (Beckman)
  • 1 BIOMEK® 4000 liquid handler (Beckman)
  • 1 Multidrop dispenser (Thermo)
  • 1 ELx405 plate washer (Biotek)

Microplate readers

  • 2 readers for fluorescence, FP, TRF, absorbance, luminescence, HTRF, alpha-screen :
    Envision 2104 Multilabel Reader et Envision Xcite Multilabel Reader with a dispenser unit (Perkin Elmer)
  • 1 microplate reader with integrated pipetting (96 and 384 wells): Flexstation3 (Molecular Devices)
  • 1 reader dedicated to luminescence and BRET : VictorLight (Perkin Elmer)
  • 1 light scattering reader in 384 well plates: DynaPro (Wyatt)
  • 1 device for monitoring confluence and cell fluorescence (cell growth and healing, fluorescence, spheroids in microplates): Incucyte S3 (Sartorius)
  • 1 reader dedicated to the EPIC Corning label-free technology: Enspire (Perkin Elmer)
  • 1 automated cell imaging system: ImageXpress Pico (Molecular Devices)

Automated line

An automated line including a BRT arm, Biomek FXP and Biomek NXP liquid handlers, a storage carousel, an automated cell incubator, a Multidrop dispenser, the Envision and the Flextation3 readers, and 2 air flow hoods.

This equipment is available to external users after training (reservation website).

Consulting and training activities

The training of the users (students, trainees and collaborators) and the supervision of the screenings are ensured by the platform manager.  The use of the machines is available through reservation after completion of training (reservation site).

Consulting and development of specific tests can be done on request.