Evaluation of the angiogenesis process by endothelial cells


Angiogenesis, the process by which endothelial cells generate new blood vessels derived from an existing vasculature, can be assessed by the ability of endothelial cells to form three-dimensional structures.

The formation of tubules by endothelial cells in an extracellular matrix mimicking the in vivo environment may be a relevant test to easily identify angiogenesis inhibitors.


Format96 wells
Cellular model Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells-1 (ATCC CRL-3243) 
Reference molecule Suramin
Incubation24H at 37°C under 5% CO

Incucyte® S3 analysis (SARTORIUS) - Cell imaging software
or ImageXpress Pico analysis (Molecular Devices)
→ Determination of the number of tubes
→ Determination of the length of tubes

Notes :

  • Allow 50 µL at 10 mM or 3 mg of sample to test 5 concentrations (3 points/concentration)
  • Cell viability is assessed in parallel

Recommendation :

  • Ensure solubility of the sample in a solvent compatible with cell culture

Inhibition of angiogenesis by Suramin