Measurement of molecular interactions using Epic Label Free technology


The Label Free biochemical test, based on Corning Epic® technology, allows to measure the binding of a ligand on a protein target without any label.


The target protein is immobilized onto the amine-coupling surface of label-free biochemical microplate biosensor.

For interactions that are more difficult to detect, a spacer can be added to make the protein more accessible.

The bottom of the plate is illuminated by a broadband light. A reference area prevents non-specific target immobilization.
Biochemical binding events cause index of refraction changes, resulting in a picometer wavelength shift.


To be adapted according to the test

PlatesPre-activated or operator activated plates
Immobilization of the target 1H at 21°C
IncubationO/N at 4°C
WashingPBS wash
Incubation4H at 21°C
Baseline reading
Treatment conditions to be defined
Final reading

Notes :

  • Plan for 5 mg of protein and 1 mg of ligand

Measurement of biotin binding to streptavidin

All models can be adapted to your request.