Measurement of receptor-ligand binding in whole cells without labeling


The Label Free cell assay using the Corning Epic® technology measures phenotypic changes in whole cells in response to a stimulus that causes dynamic mass redistribution (DMR).

Dynamic cell mass redistribution in response to a stimulus occurs in most biological events, and its measurement can be performed in the context of many applications, such as ligand binding, receptor activation or inhibition, intracellular recruitment, cytotoxicity, viral infection, endocytosis, chemotaxis...


Cells are seeded onto the surface of label-free microplate biosensor.

The bottom of the plate is illuminated by a broadband light. Mass changes within a cell following a stimulus also cause index of refraction changes, resulting in a picometer wavelength shift. This is measured and reported as a dynamic mass redistribution (DMR) change.


To be adapted according to the assay

Format384-well format
Cell modelAdherent cells
IncubationO/N at 37°C ; 5% CO2

Baseline reading

Treatmentconditions to be defined

Readout of cell response

Notes :

  • Cell quantity to be defined during assay validation
  • Prepare 2 to 3 mg of compounds to be tested

Recommendation :

  • Ensure solubility of the sample in a solvent compatible with cell culture

DMR measurement on HEK cells overexpressing the oxytocin receptor

All models can be adapted to your request.