Monitoring the growth of single spheroids

Introduction / Principle

A 3D cellular model, such as spheroids, offers an intermediate level of complexity between monolayer culture and the use of animal models, by reproducing in vitro the organization of a micro-tumor. This model has been shown to be more predictive of treatment response than monolayer culture models.

Thus, PCBIS proposes a miniaturized microplate assay to perform cell proliferation kinetics under conventional culture conditions in a controlled atmosphere by quantifying the area of spheroids using the Incucyte S3 (SARTORIUS).  


Format96 well - round bottom plate
Cell model

Malignant glioneuronal tumors
Possibility to work on other cells


14 days at 37°C - 5% CO
Possibility to adapt the incubation time to the biological model

AnalysisIncucyte® S3 (SARTORIUS)
→ Sphere area (µm2)

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