The Target Library Department

The Target Library produces biological models (proteins, enzymes, cells or bacteria) for the screening department.

Its activity includes :

  • cloning and expression of proteins in prokaryotic or eukaryotic systems
  • obtaining soluble proteins or stable or transient cell lines and their validation for screening
  • management and storage of cell lines
  • the provision of cell culture equipment and the training and supervision of staff


The department has all the equipment necessary for cell culture in a biosafety level 2 (BSL2) environment :

  • 4 cell incubators
  • 3 microbiological safety stations
  • 2 cryopreservers for storing up to 4600 tubes of cells
  • Electroporation transfection device compatible with 96-well format (Amaxa Nucleofector®) allowing the transfection of lines that are difficult to transfect
  • IncuCyte® system for live cell monitoring

Advice and training

The department advises, trains and supervises users in the production, amplification and validation of biological models.