Screening Department


Quantification of cytokine secretion by mononuclear cells
Assay of nitric oxide secretion by murine macrophages
Determination of histamine secretion by human mast cells

Enzymatic activity

Detection of kinase activity

Molecular interactions

Measurement of macromolecules interactions by AlphaScreen (PERKIN ELMER)
Search for interaction between a soluble protein and a ligand by fluorescence polarization measurement
Measurement of molecular interactions using Epic Label Free technology

Membrane receptor - ligand binding

Measurement of receptor-ligand binding by FRET
Measurement of receptor-ligand binding by HTRF
Measurement of receptor-ligand binding in whole cells without labeling

Functional assays on GPCR

Intracellular IP1 measurement
Intracellular calcium flux measurement
Intracellular cAMP measurement

Cell growth and cytotoxicity

Monitoring the growth of a bacterial strain
Monitoring cell line growth
Monitoring the growth of single spheroids
Evaluation of the cytotoxic effects of a compound on cell lines
Evaluation of the cytotoxic effects of compounds on single spheroids
Detection of cell apoptosis
Scratch Wound Healing assay
Evaluation of the angiogenesis process by endothelial cells

Efficiency of a transfection

Monitoring the efficiency of a transfection

Intestinal barrier permeability/integrity

Evaluation of the absorption of a compound through the intestinal barrier
Evaluation of the effect of compounds on the integrity of the intestinal barrier

Aggregation, particle size (DLS)

Particle size measurement by Dynamic Light Scattering in 384-microplate