Strasbourg Illkirch Chemical Analysis Platform (PACSI)

This department of UAR 3286 brings together the services of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS).

With expertise in NMR and mass spectrometry, PACSI offers services for the structural analysis of molecules, spectrum analysis, and the determination of exact mass or empirical formula of organic molecules, whether natural or synthetic. PACSI’s services are accessible to all students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers, and laboratory researchers from public or private institutions, whether or not they are located on the Illkirch campus, provided that PACSI has the capacity to accommodate them.

Use of self-service machines is possible after training on the equipment. This training is jointly provided by the service staff and the PCBIS prevention assistant.

Consultation and development of specific tests can be carried out upon request.


  • Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer equipped with an automatic sample changer
    • BBFO+ 5 mm probe (multinuclear, including fluorine)

Self-service instrument for routine 1D and 2D analyses

  • Bruker Avance III 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer equipped with an automatic sample changer
    • BBFO+ 5 mm probe (multinuclear, including fluorine)
    • TBI probe

Routine or customized 1D and 2D analyses (including long measurements, specific parameter settings, exotic nuclei, small molecule diffusion, variable-temperature NMR)
Available for on-site requests or through the PACSI request platform

  • LC-UV-MS/MS, High Resolution
    • LC: Agilent 1200 equipped with a C18 column and an EC-CN column
    • Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) reader
    • Sources: ESI or APCI
    • Analyzer: Q-ToF in tandem, Agilent Accurate Mass QToF 6520

High-resolution analysis of molecules from nonpolar to polar. MS2 fragmentation.
Exact mass determination

Direct injections (bypassing the LC) or column-free options

Requests can be submitted through the PACSI request platform.

    • Source: MALDI, N2 laser (337 nm)
    • Linear and reflectron modes
    • Analyzer: ToF, Bruker microflex silver edition

Analysis of biomolecules and polymers.
Identification of bacterial and yeast strains down to the species level by comparison with the Bruker MBT® database.

On-site requests or submission through the PACSI request platform. For microbial samples, please coordinate with the staff in advance.

  • Thermoelectron corporationFT-IR Spectrometer
    • Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) module
    • Thermo Nicolet 380

Analysis of infrared spectra for powders, liquids, or solutions (including volatile solvents).
Detection of specific IR-active functional groups: N3, C≡N, C=O…

Self-service instrument.

  • JASCO Polarimeter
    • 500 µL and 1 µL cuvettes

Self-service instrument.
Determination of alpha-D.